I Need To Be Loved!!!

I keep waiting for the special man to make love to me at night and hold me until morning.  I am a pefectionist and would make my man feel so good and I believe our lovemaking would be the most special experience in the world.  I am very smart and very sensitive, my man would have to console me and when we wake up in the morning I could go on with my day knowing I had the most wonderul intimate experience in my life.  I hope I can eventually get this because I have the most pure and spiritual love you can have.
tinatp12 tinatp12
41-45, F
1 Response Aug 3, 2010

Oh wow, I feel for you, I understand the needs as I used to feel the same before I met my martian. We really connect and we could not get enough of each other .. the feeling is awesome - wish you all the best.