I Just...

...want someone to hold me, make me feel safe and happy..
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*huggles all aweome guys*

mee eight

Umm - Me seven ^^

Family is one thing, a love is another..

Mhm.....<br />
<br />
Yeah, but family is different....I need my sweetie to be here >.<

I don't like it when someone holds me when I'm sleeping. I feel suffocated. >.> Like, when I was young and my mom used to hold me, I used to slip out of her arms, or when my sister even touches my shoulder when I share the bed with her, I remove it. O.o

*huggles* the longing is seriously growing with each day....

It's getting difficult to keep up with all the different stuff haha x]<br />
<br />

Eh.. Idk. If you want.<br />
<br />

8:17!!!<br />
<br />
Should we stop? x]


Yes, I think so x]<br />
>.><br />

Are we really doing this??<br />
<,<<br />



7:40!!<br />
<br />

I was rounding! It's 7:37 then now!<br />
<br />
Maybe? Haha!

IT'S 7.22 AM! x]<br />
<br />

Jeez.. it's 7 there right? Gosh girl!<br />
<br />
Might as well start dancing to energize yourself =P

No! The sun is almost up (although the clouds are doing a very good job trying to hide it) and there's no point in going to sleep now!!

You should sleep then! Before you start random dancing!

Yes, that too!

And weird comments.. o.o

x] Maybe so.. Uhm..feel you near me LOL I'm so tired I barely remembered my own comment..

Umm.. a hug and some weird stories?<br />

-.-" It's six am, what do you expect from me? x] And in a way, yes.

Jeez... I was joking.. v.v (and I meant it like you feel me near you)

GOD DAMMIT it's an ex<x>pression T, and you know it!

You FEEL me?? o.o

I feel you =]

Mees four..

Haha thanks =]

If only wishes came true abit more often..