I Can't Sleep

It's 2 am and I can't sleep because of all the things running through my head. I want to believe things are different about this but how can I? I want things to go back to the way they were before so that I wouldn't be sad and crying now about it. What is even worse is it is you I want comfort from. I want to be held tonight but I can't be and won't allow myself to be by you anyways. I wish I could say this all to you but I can't. I am happy for you but I wish you could understand that I am sad because now things have to change. I feel like I am about to break and you aren't here to hold me together. Why?
sinistermanual sinistermanual
22-25, F
2 Responses Aug 10, 2010

your having a rough time , dont worry your not going to break down , it happens to most people being stressed you have a lot on your mind and you need to put every thing in place in your head at this time every is is every where . you will get a rest full sleep soon may there is some that you need to to put things back in order.<br />
<br />
i am only judgeing as i spent weeks like this till i changed my life . by finshing with my giril friend

I know how you feel D: