It Has Been To Long

since I have been held at night. I miss the emotional intimacy of just being held, of just having someone there. After a long day, knowing they are there, whether they hold me all night, or just for a few minutes it does not matter. But I lead a "single" life in the bedroom. He sleeps on the couch and I get the bed. I miss the waking up to someone holding me, or rolling over and putting my arms around someone for a few minutes. Its not much to ask, I just want someone to hold me. The connection, the feeling, the warm body, the strong arms holding me. It is something I took for granted and I do truly miss it. But that probably will never happen in this life again, it will have to be something I will have to find in the future.
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4 Responses Apr 28, 2012

Have courage to change your circumstances and have the love of your life in bed with you each night. You obviously have every reason to recognize your worth and exercise self respect. In the right relationship, you could work less and spend more time with your children and get quality sleep. Don't give up the quest. Each day the sun comes up, each night you see a bright moon - is chance for new chapter in your life. Seize the opportunity and really live happily ever after!......

Understand & would love to spoon with u. Nights can get lonely.

It is very nice when you have a hot *** up against you and reaching around rubbing your **** or just holding you tight!! Course once i feel that hot skin contact my **** gets so hard then you have that pressing into your *** hope that is alright??

I understand your feelings and your loss. I truly hope it changes for you soon. Master1A