Heart Is Hurting.

My boyfriend is talking to the girl that is four hours away from him. I went onto the chat site and he had the same name as her. She saw him and sent him a heart. Its pathetic, I know but god it pissed me off. I got jealous because he was hiding from me and then I saw how utterly beautiful she is. Why am I never enough for people? He knew I saw him. And I said Hi, I'm here :) and he continued to ignore me for four hours while he talked to her. This is exactly what happened to him when his last chat gf was cheating on him. He did exactly what she did. He wouldn't respond to me anywhere, on chat or on Skype. And then when she left, he finally sent me a message on Skype accusing me of flirting with other people. I was doing no such thing. He's a ******* *******, that hurts me so much I don't understand why I love him.
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You don't love him, but you have imagined to conclude that he is your idle man. You are loving your idle man you had seen through him. Since you had made strong conviction that he is your man, now you are not able to remove the stamping from your mind. So, you don't love him and he doesn't love you.

I have never cared for any one as much as I care for him. I am in constant worry that he is safe and not in danger. He make's me feel like the only girl in the world when he looks at me. He is not the perfect man, he never will be and I can see that. That's why I like him so much, he doesn't pretend to be anything more than what he is. But you're right I guess, with the last comment you said, it broke my heart even more but that's because I'm sure there is so much truth in those last four words. "He doesn't love you." Thank you for taking the time to make a comment.

I think kindestmaster is making a very legit point. You are in love with the fantasy of what this man had the potential to be. The real man falls far far short of your fantasy. Separate the fantasy from the real person and see his behavior for what it is. Don't slip back into the fantasy.

We all wanted to be "Wanted". Sometimes we pay the price of "giving all we can" to buy that product "wanted". But, dome people do not want us. Sometimes people give freebies but we will not get them. So, when they don't want us, why should we want them?