Really?? I Just Don't Get It?? Should I??

Okay, so I have posted my story, My Arms Were Made for Holding. I know this, and my ex knows this. She used to tell me all the time, and she always felt bad because she didn't like to be held. Move to the present, she came to me the other day and was almost in tears, had hardly slept in a week. She looked at me and I could tell, she needed a hug. So I gave her one, her still being my best friend and all. They she whispered, "I miss this soooo much." Thanksgiving night, she was over for Thanksgiving, I had asked her to come over and watch the dogs because we were going to go out of town, I felt bad that we weren't going so she came over for dinner and to visit. The kids left, and we watched a movie downstairs. She asked if I would hold her, she needed it, so I did. She ended up spending the night, she really just needed someone to hold her . . . she cried and said she never realized how much she missed being held . . . and she didn't even like it. She slept like a baby in my arms all night. The next night, again, same thing. Kids were supposed to come home, but they were having so much fun, they stayed another night at Grandma's. My ex stayed the night, just to have me hold her so she could sleep. One more time, last night . . . this morning . . . no more, she is doing well. Neither of us have an inclination of getting back together, yes we love each other, as friends and that is where it will stay. Most people would say, BIG mistake, but if we know where we are in our relationship, was it really a big mistake??

I would have done that for any other friend, and yes I have. They call me and ask for a "holding." I always give them what they need, it's what I do. She needed it, and I was made to hold women. So why do I feel like I shouldn't do it again??
worknplayhard13 worknplayhard13
36-40, M
Nov 27, 2012