I Like to Hold

im th etype that has five pillows and one cat ..and the cat is just not into being held or just not that in to me lol so my pillows suffice till i find my snuggle buddy..

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3 Responses Feb 10, 2009

ive found my soul mate .my buddy my friend ..i have complete empathy for this creature i relate with this cat a gift he was to me from a very caring friend ..my boy kitty has .. been declawed and fixed .. and lost his original owner they passed away...this world must look very scary from his view you know ?his own reflection scares him half to death .im blessed by the understanding that no matter what this world takes away from us we are truely the lucky ones to realise that love never dies ...that comfort from another might not be our choice in the package it comes forth to speak to us in .but.i find if i loose my wants and expectations of what love is and what i think it is i need it is usually quit different from what th euniverse presents ..what a gift to know that someone or something truely loves you for you ...

i like to sleep with a lot of pillows too. When my man's away, i sleep with his picture in bed with me. It's in a fr<x>ame, so I tend to sleep lighter leaving me tired, because i'm afraid of breaking it, but i know what you mean about the being held.

There's no doubt that a real nice snuggle-bunny is very comforting... provding that they are livable-with the rest of the time!<br />
My wife and I used to love to cuddle up together... I do miss that a bit. She is no longer on the physical dimension.