To Love Someone!!

i would just love to go to bed with a woman, to cuddle up with her, and just fall asleep in each others arms!! i cant think of anything that would be better than that!!!

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I know , to be held at night would be great in a relationship that is healthy and full of love and kindness and a history of trust and all. I bet people who get that sleep really well and also wake up in the morning full of energy and love to give.

*changes into astronaught fancy dress costume as disguise*!!! me a cow, what made you think that? lol

you'll never find me!!! but there's always that good looking cow over the other end of the field!! that cow would make a lot better beef jerky than i would!! lol<br />
<br />
i hope you put your tricks in a really safe place *shine* !!! dont let her find them!!!

oh no!!! im not going to the slaughterhouse!!! i might be a stupid cow, but im not that stupid, no way im gonna become beef!!!! *runs away and hides* : 0

*floydess* is giggling at me *shine*, thats not very fair, cos i only had one set of tricks, and i put them up my sleeves, and she found them right away, its not my fault im a stupid cow!!! lol

right, we need to think up a plan *shine*!!! and fast, cos she's found out about the tricks up our sleeves lol!!!

oh, dont worry *floydess* we'll stop you sometime soon!!! *shine* and i have a few tricks up our sleeves!!!

i see it now!!!<br />
<br />
i think *floydess* thinks we are stupid or something *shine*!! and that we cant see what she's planning!!! but we know better, dont we *shine*?

hello my darlings!!! whats up? somethings going on!! i can feel it in the air!!!

you see *shine* she used you lol!!! the 2 of us are just suckers in her plans to take over the world!! (((hugs))), right *shine*, we have to stop her, and fast!!!

yes, i think so too *Shine*!!!

ok,ok, im sorry *shine*,your not evil!!! you just have a little bit of a dark side!!! ha ha<br />
<br />
and me thinks that *floydess* is smarter than she tells us *shine*!!!

sweet and innocent??? i should have known better, when i fell for your puppy face antics, and threw the whip in the bin, feeling sorry for you!!!! i was willing to get rid of the whip all together, and all you want to do is keep it, so that you can torture me!!! : ( dont listen to her *floydess*, she is evil!! lol lol

"YOUR WHIP", you stole that from me, *shine* is a thief *floydess*!!! believe me, and she uses that whip to torture me, and get her own way!!! : ( she might seem all sweet and innocent to you, but i know better!!! lol<br />
<br />
*cowie* jumps comfortably over the first 3 fences, as *shine* takes a tumble at the first!!! lol!! you have no chance now *shine* ha ha ha

ok, ok, a horse for every day of the week for all of us, but the fact that im taming them all, means that i can select all the best horses for me!! ha ha ha<br />
<br />
yeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaw, *cowie* catches up to *shine*, and goes even faster, and leaves *shine* trailing behind by some distance!!! lol<br />
<br />
no turbo boosters required here, i left them off, cos i just figured that this race will be too easy for me already!!! lol

just let me know, which horse you want, and i'll tame it for you lol ; )<br />
<br />
so i guess its between me and *shine* on the fences lol, but you know, she'd be better off staying behind with you,, cos i'd leave her trailing by a mile anyway!!! lol : P

oh yeah!!! i'll put rocket turbo boosters on either side of my horse, to make it go faster lol!!! you'll never be able to catch me!! ha ha ha!!!! ; )

ok, i'll tame the horses (3 of them), and then we can all ride them off into the sunset!! and *floydess* you better watch out for *shine*, cos she sure does know how to use that whip!!! and *shine*, you can ride over fences too if you like!!! I would race you, but you wouldn't stand a chance lol!!! and *floydess*, you can join in too if you like, cos after all, there is 3 horses!!! : )

jump over fence's?? maybe one day lol!! i have to find myself a wild horse first!! lol!! we need to do this one step at a time!! this is how its going to work:<br />
step 1: i find a wild horse<br />
step 2: i tame the wild horse<br />
step 3: *shine* gets on horse and ride's it through open fields<br />
step 4: i jump over fences with the horse<br />
step 5: i find a bull, and try ride it, while wearing something red (as suggested by Floydess)<br />
step 6: i fall off and get attacked by bull<br />
step 7: *shine* comes in and rescue's me, by cracking the whip (that she originally stole from me) and scares the bull away<br />
step 8: *Floydess* comes to check that im alright and together with *shine* help's me up to my feet, and then we walk off into the sunset!! THE END

im sorry to hear about that "dszabo"!! thats really sad!! (((hugs)))

I used to have that ... strong arms to cuddle me at night and keep me warm. But his life was taken by a drunk driver. Now I long for those arms to cuddle me again. Nothing is better than the strong arms of a man, especially a man you love.

yes, that would be good!!! and maybe one day learn how to tame a wild horse!!! lol!! it must be a great experience though, to ride a horse through an open field!!!!

i have often wondered what it is like to be on a horse, cos i dont have good balance, and i have always wondered how good your balance has to be, to stay on a horse!!! lol

nope!! lol, but im a quick learner!!! lol i hope!! animals tend to like me, well most of them anyway!!!!

well thank you *floydess* : ) i dont actually have a girlfriend, but the closest i have to that is *shine*, and she always calls me a sweetheart lol!!! <br />
<br />
i can imagine myself as a cowboy lol!!! "howdy partner" "yeeeehaaaw"

i sound like a cowboy??? what does a cowboy sound like? lol

yes, after a long day at work, you go home to the one you love, have dinner, and then cuddle up on the sofa together and watch tv!!!! i wish i knew what that felt like :( i reckon it would be really good : I

a good old cuddle is the best!!! it just shows that you want to be with someone, and not just use them for your own pleasure!! good old cuddles are great!!! lol

yes, i know what you mean *shine*!!! just as long as its not just for sex!!! sex isnt top of my list unfortunately, but a good old cuddle "is"!!!!!!