love what is love.  love is a chemical reaction in your brain . Love is when a person cares about you and checks on you . Love is thinking about that person 24/7 365 days a year. Love is when you are away your heart feels like it has been ripped out of your chest. Love is everytime you hear there name your eyes light up and when you realize you are no longer with them . You hide those tiny tears that no one saw except yourself. I want to be loved again . I want someone to text and call me . I want someone to call me just becuase. I know i used to complain about that but there are times in my job that i am slammed. I am sorry that i complained for the now simple things i wish for. Love is hard but it is worth it. I felt so alive when my ex called me last night even ask me something odd about a friend. i want to be loved again. I hope in due time i will be loved again and i will realized how fast love can go and how percious it and that person are.
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1 Response Jul 10, 2010

Wow this is so true I so understand .