New In Town Pt I

I just moved to a new area and decided it would be nice to get out. I stop in what looked like a nice friendly pub, a good place for food drink and see the local talent. After a few drinks in solitude, I meet a woman who seems very nice. She couldn't have been more than 5'2" but she was put together like a stick of dynamite. Tight and explosive. She had long auburn hair with just enough wave to it. Her eyes were almond shaped with color to match. There was a natural tint of gold to her skin. I was struck immediately by her beauty and surprised by her casual personalty. She was one of those rare people who could have gotten by on her looks, but chose not to. She was smart with a sense of humor. We started talking and got along well. I learned her name was Sharyn. We spend the rest of the evening drinking, laughing and teasing one another, like we'd been friends for a long time.

After what seemed dangerously close to one too many drinks, we decided to call it a night.

I walked… or stumbled a little, Sharyn to her car. We chatted a little more delaying the good bye.

Sharyn offered me a bottled water, suggesting it would be good to avoid dehydration and a subsequent hangover from the alcohol. How could I refuse?

I know this is someone I would like to see again and ask Sharyn if I can get her number. She smiled and said "I have something better in mind." As she continued to speak, her words seemed to get jumbled in my head. I started thinking "Maybe I passed the one too many limit".

Sharyn asked me if I was okay and guided me to her passenger seat to avoid falling down.

I followed her lead. Sharyn buckled me in, I closed my eyes. All I could think of before going dark was "I blew it"

When I awoke, I was in her bed... Naked. Tied spread eagle. My first thought was fear. This woman is going to take my kidney!

But then Sharyn entered and was certainly not dressed for impromptu surgery. She was wearing heels, thigh high stockings and a bustier, presenting her bare breast. Magnificent! I would guess a firm B cup. Her nipples were rosy red - maybe pinched or iced a little in preparation, maybe just pure excitement - but they stood out strong and full, surrounded by an almost perfect lighter circle, complimented by her golden tone.

"I'm glad you're awake" She smiled. "I admit the thought of playing with you while you were out, crossed my mind" She tickled the underside of my balls as she spoke, generating an almost immediate response. She paused to watch briefly, before turning back to face me. "But I want you to enjoy this as much as I will"

Now I was a little less scared, and a little more intrigued.



And at her mercy.

Sharyn climbed on the bed placed her knees on either side of my head, she was just over my face. Looking up, I could see her beautiful petals part. The color changed from a soft pink to an aroused lighter purple, the glistening folds served to capture my imaginations. My mouth started watering with desire and anticipation. She remained inches from my face, intoxicating me with her scent.

I could feel my **** rise in hopeful appreciation for the sight before me.

"This is what you were working for all night" She stated... "This is where your world will begin and end. This is what you desire"

I repeated as if hypnotized
"This is what I was working for. This is where my world will begin and end. This is what I desire"

Sharyn lowered herself just enough so the tip of my tongue could dance across her lips and I could taste her sweetness. She giggled a little and said "I was going to experience quite a different night." She then lowered herself fully, demanding I make her *** before anything else can happen.

She periodically reached behind and tickled my balls or stroked my **** to keep me hard. As if she had to. My rigidness was tribute to her and I wasn't going soft.

I worked my tongue in and around, spelling out her name. I captured her clitoris between my lips and hummed out a tune, the little bulb grew in excitement from my ministrations. I was rewarded with her nectar as she came a few times before rising and lowering herself on my outstretched tongue.

Upon her last ******, Sharyn rubbed up and down my face a few times before settling.

Sharyn got off of me, slowly, allowing me the pleasures of seeing her. She walked out of the room. I watched her apple bottom sway.

Several minutes later Sharyn returned with a small strap she placed around the base of my ****. "Trust me" she said, "You'll like this"

She left me again, strapped to the bed with a hard on pointing straight up, her scent on my face.

Again several minutes passed. This worked havoc on my imagination.

Sharyn returned. Standing at the foot of the bed, holding out her hands. "I have two pills. A white one. It will put you to sleep. When you awake you will be fully clothed and someplace else. You may or may not remember me. Or a purple one and I am sure you're familiar with those results. It's up to you. If you take the purple one, it will be the last decision you make for your self until I say so."
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Jan 11, 2013