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Girl Caught Under The Table At A Bar

I heard a story, about a local girl, who got caught giving four guys blow jobs under a table in a bar!  Everybody around here knows her and of the story, and she doesn't seem to let it effect her in anyway!  I'm jealous!  I'd like to try that!

haileeTV haileeTV 41-45, T 1 Response Jan 12, 2010

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I have done that so many times! There is a local bar in Phoenix that lets you get away with it. They have a table outside on the patio that is very private. I went there once with a girlfriend, we had heard about it and when a group of guys went out to the table we peeked out at them. The waitress told us that looking wasn't allowed, if we wanted to we could go under the table. They had a crawl space through a wall next to the table that came out of a storage room. I wanted to try it but my girlfriend was a little scared. I crawled through and went to the far end of the table. The guys pants where already down and I started sucking on on guy. He came like in five seconds and I moved to the next guy. He took a lot longer and I guess the game was to see if you could take care of all the guys at the table working your way back to the crawl space. If you did this you could drink and eat free for a month! Most girls never finished but I was determined! <br />
My jaw started getting sore after four guys, there was six at the table, but I forced myself on, I wasn't going to let this challenge beat me! The second to last came quickly and I started to work on the last. He didn't seem to want to come, pulling my head away every once in a while so he could cool off. I finally grabbed him hard and started stroking him as I sucked. He couldn't get away and with a grunt he emptied himself in my mouth. I crawled out and my girlfriend was waiting with a drink for me. I washed down all the come with tequila and spent the night bragging to all my friends on the phone how I had beat the table challenge!<br />
Later that night my girlfriend tried it but gave up after four guys. I had to finish the job for her and the next day my jaw was so sore I couldn't talk!