Sister In Law Joins Our Bed

Well it finally happened, I got to **** my sister in law who I have been hitting on her for 2 years. My wife has been slowly talking her into joining us and has had sexual encounters with her prior to this. Just the two of them but she always puts in a little hit for me. lol It has *** to fruition.
Brenda, (my sister in law) came back from a night out at the movies and quite a few drinks afterward with my wife. I was in bed reading and could hear all the giggling and stumbling around down stairs. I shut out the light and crept to the bedroom door so I could hear what they were talking about. Just a bunch of girl talk and I was going to go back to bed when I heard my name and the word **** in the same sentence. That brought me out onto the landing and very attentive. It seems Brenda hadn't had enough sex from her husband for quite a while, it seems he is a work aholic and Cindy(my wife) was kissing her and feeling her **** up against the kitchen counter. I could hear Brenda talking about her nipples being so sensitive when Cindy pinched them. I got my **** out and began to stroke it when my wife said "Geez Brenda your **** is soaking." Oh **** I thought, I gotta see this and crept down the stairs.
I peeked around the kitchen doorway but they had moved int the living room, so I continued on. I looked in and saw Brenda laying on the couch with her legs spread and my lovely wife eating her *****. My **** instantly went twice as hard as before. Brenda's head was toward me so she couldn't see me but my wife looked up straight into my eyes and winked. ****! I thought this is going to be the night. Brenda grabbed my wife's head and pushed Cindy's face back into that wet ******. After a few minutes Brenda started bucking under my wife's face and then came with a scream of pleasure.
Cindy lifted her head, her face all wet with Brenda's *** juice and slide up her body to kiss Brenda on the lips, again looking at me and smiling. She told Brenda it was her turn to eat ***** and before Brenda could move to get between my wife's legs, Cindy planted her ***** on Brenda's face.
She then waved me into the room and I stepped lightly across the hardwood floor. My wife whispered in my ear to get the ***** from the end table drawer and I selected the one of two that was closest to my **** size. Cindy sucked it into her mouth covering it in saliva and then began rubbing it up and down Brenda's hairy slit. I had never seen such a hairy **** and at first I was sort of grossed out from all the hair and ***** juices covering it but then as I watched I got more and more turned on. I watched my wife get the ***** all covered in puss juice, then slide it into Brenda's hot ****. Cindy started ******* her sister's **** hard and deep as Brenda bucked against the *****. Brenda's eyes were open and glazed but she couldn't see me with my wife's ***** grinding into her mouth. My wife gestured for me to get ready and then she pulled out the ***** and I climbed between Brenda's open legs, shoving my hard **** into her with one good thrust.
Now her eyes really opened and my wife smiled down at her as I got into a good deep rhythm of ******* her hairy ******. "You don't mind if Jimmy ***** you do you Brenda?" my wife asked her sister and lifted her ****** off Brenda's mouth so she could answer. "No, Yes, Oh just **** me." she said, so I did. I ****** her hard, deep and fast, lifting her legs up around my waist. My wife got off Brenda's face and sat down on the floor in front of the couch to watch. I leaned forward kissing my sister in law's lips and tasting my wife's *** on her tongue. My fingers found a nipple and twisted it making her hips rise up off the couch. I pinched and twisted some more, both nipples as she begged me to **** her harder and finally flooded my **** with her hot ***. By then I was ready and shot a huge load inside her hairy **** filling her tunnel with my ***. I slowed my ******* and continued to stroke in and out as my **** softened then finally plopped out letting our *** run out onto the couch cushions. As I climbed out from between Brenda's legs Cindy took my place and sucked and licked Brenda's **** clean. While she was doing this I rubbed my **** across Brenda's lips. She looked up at me then opened her mouth and started to suck our juices off my soft ****.  We all ended up in bed *******, eating, sucking and licking. I gave Brenda her first anal **** and ****** her for nearly half an hour making her *** twice.
In the morning we all showered, had breakfast then ended up back in bed for more sex. Brenda plans on telling her husband that her sister is sick and she has to take care of her, so she will be staying with us for a few weeks. I couldn't have wished this any better.
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You're living every hot-blooded guy's fantasy

That is one hell of a story. That would definitely be on my list. I would like to see my wife do the same.