Silver Linings

I have been waiting for like it seems a very long time to have a child. I am 33 years old and been married for 13 years, I wanted to wait to make sure I could give my child everything that I could. I have been diagnosed with cervical cancer and it doesn't appear that my uterus can be saved, I want to escape this life but doesn't look like I can get away from it , I just hope that after all this nightmare something good will come out of it.
Jumbosky Jumbosky
2 Responses Dec 8, 2012

Look how miserable this life is, look at the state of this world - even you yourself don't want to be here. You said youself you want to escape this life yet you want to bring another into it. People have AIDS, heart attacks...cervical cancer... If I brought a kid into this world I would feel guilty.

I'm sorry to hear this...perhaps you could talk to your doctor about at least saving your eggs or something that will leave you with more options once you make it through this trauma. Good luck with your treatment.