Always Longing

I have always longed for a soul mate since a very early age, but I have never found him. I was married once, met lots of guys, had lots of dates and some relationships. Nonetheless he was never there.

Even if I don't think about it, I know I am always looking for him. I am always testing guys on how much soul mate material they could be.  It is a bit crazy. When I meet a guy, I don't ask myself immediately if he is my soul mate, but as my interest progresses, I find myself wondering.

It is tiring though. I want to stop this and just give up on finding him. I think it will be a big relief if I just turn off this search.

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what a nice ritual!

Old HIllbillyCrone here with an old gypsy love spell. Laugh if you want, it's silly and it's superstitious, but, it's fun and best of all, it is harmless. You are not taking this man away from anyone, you are simply drawing his energy to your own. (basic law of three, never do harm or it comes back times three) So, no harm is being done here. <br />
OK. three nights before a full moon, go to the bank and get yourself two brand new shiny dimes, old pure silver ones are even better if you can locate them and polish them up...OK? <br />
Next get yourself a small red tea light type of candle. Before you do this love spell, take a long bath in sea salts and floating red rose petals, burn white sage in the room. Be clean scrubbed, shampooed, and wear no chemicals on your body. Open jars of fesh lemons in the corners of the room where you will be working your magic are a nice touch too. You should "work" naked. (and clean) <br />
The third night before the full moon, position the two new dimes or the two old polished silver ones leaning (but not touching) into one another on either side of the litle red tea light candle. (there is a ridge, if not, push the dimes down into the wax a little, you may have to warm the wax first) Light the candle and burn it while you say this little incantation or just make up an incantation for yourself....let me see, I'll make one up real quick...<br />
"Moon Moon Round and white"<br />
Bring to me my SOULMATE bright<br />
Be he strong and Be he kind<br />
Allow my heart to make her find! <br />
He'll Love me Long and Love me Ever<br />
He'll stand by me and leave me never!" <br />
Burn the candles each night of the growing moon, (begin around three nights before the moon is full) and say the incantations until the dimes are touching, You can practice with white candles first if you need to I would let them burn about five minutes (you are aiming for the touching on the full moon) Of COURSE, THIS IS JUST FOR FUN, but, the energy of doing a ritual is what is important, it gets your heart in the mood to receive love, and opens your eyes to see what you need to see, and your ears to hear what they need to hear. When your love spell is completed, discard your magical materials by burrying them under a rose bush . Now if you don't believe in this stuff, just say a sincere prayer, it's all good.

I found mine when I stopped looking. One day the door opened(literally) and I got the shock of my life. I didn't know or realize that he was at the time, but I had this intense attraction that never went away. I still feel it to this day.

@ zanwalk: actually i am not very intense about it, people don't notice it because i don't make comments in this direction neither start asking questions. i do this through observation, through letting them do the talking. i am pretty laid back. that is why it is almost unconcious. when i catch myself, i am already far into analyzing the whole thing. but you are right. the best would just to concentrate on friendship. it is just that automatically and subtly the "soul mate analysis" is always there, unless, of course, i have already decided the person is not the one. then the analysis stops. i know it sounds freaky, but i am just being sincere about how it is.<br />
<br />
@ alaterale: i like the midnight pizza point :) yeah, a certain level of connection would do for me too, right now, as i have been alone for a while and i am starting to feel lonely. but i know i discarded nice relationships with some sort of connection before, because the connection was not perfect. it seems to be a stupid thing to do, but at the moment i just wanted out.<br />
anyway, i hope you find what you are searching for.

Yes, I think I understand your problem. Possibly you should concentrate on finding lots of new friends, and just treat them as just that - friends. I believe you are perhaps being a little too intense, and that may put some people off. Do tell us more though if it helps you.