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I Know......

I know he's out there...I can feel him...I always have..I mistook someone else for him. Someone who masqueraded as him, only to turn cruel and hurtful.  But, no only reinforces my belief that he is out there...I can almost taste him, smell him....oh, he's there, alright....I just have to be smart enough to know him when I see him. The one thing my failed relationships taught me was that it's not always the people you expect , who become the most important person in the world to you.  It could be the customer who wanders into your store, it may be the friend of your best friend's bf, it may be a mild mannered grocery store employee, or the goofy country is awash with surpises. I am hoping he turns out to be the man I'm married to now...but my optimism is deminishing by the day.

Whoever you are, I will be looking for you..and trying to look closely..please...look for me with the same determination...I can't wait to be with you!!!!!!!!!!

lonesurvivor lonesurvivor 56-60, F 12 Responses Sep 6, 2009

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I will surely let the entire world know!!!!! Thank you for being such a good friend, are much more than a're a whole!!!!

you will let me know when you find him.<br />
i'd like to know someone as battle-tested as yourself was acutally granted their just-due. i hope it happens fast. and you are right, it probbably is the person you least suspect but has been there all along. i would say good luck but as I was taught, Luck is for the ill-prepared (and lepreachauns). Eyes up - ears open. he's there. in the meanwhile i dont mind still being a bandaid =)

Never gonna give up the search!!!!!!<br />
<br />

yeah..keep the faith;i'm keeping mine.

June, this is not the first time you've gone out of your way to comfort and support me..thanks, chickie!!!!<br />
<br />
Anna2....I hope it's contagious!!!!! I wish it would spead like wildfire!!!<br />
<br />

I love your optimism- it is contagious!

You're going to be alright, Penny. You're stronger than you know :)

pteriax..thanks for the good wishes!!'<br />
<br />
waver0605...keep the faith, sugar...just refuse to settle for anything less..<br />
<br /> above all, know my situation....thank you for sticking by me through all this mess, and all my WILL win.........<br />
<br />
Penny :-)

i envy you guys. i would die to have that kind of faith in love. The bravery to go thru obstacles to find your one. I just hope i can find my one before i got tired, disappointed, and discouraged to settle down with someone, anyone i can find. I am so sacred!

I know the feeling, and I truly hope you find him soon!

I have the same philosophy...don't you worry...I will never give up.....I will find him ..and he will find me....<br />
Thanks for the good wishes!!!!<br />
<br />

Even if your "active" looking wanes and you don't think you'll find him, try to keep the faith that YOU WILL find him in your heart - safely tucked await from any pessimism that might surface from your frustrations.<br />
<br />
I always had faith that I would find mine - even when faced with a life that never seemed to provide me with anything good - and just when I was hopeless and ready to die . . . He showed-up and has made me happier than I ever imagined since.<br />
<br />
Keep the faith, girl . . . He will come, and probably when you least expect it. ;)