Next Photo Shoot - Suggestions?

Hi all, any suggestions for our next photo shoot? Themes, poses, etc.

What gets you hand reaching into your pants?
HughAndPenny HughAndPenny
6 Responses Dec 1, 2012

Nylons a must
Sheer panties
Add me so I can see it

Garter belt, hose and no panties....her *** is it.

With her in high heels and stockings

Hi all. Sorry for the lack of follow-up, we've been very busy recently. We'll do our best to get back to this soon :)

I love that picture of your beautiful wife in that red dress. She has great legs and looks so much like my own wife in that picture. Being that it's usually that first touch by another guy or the deliberate teasing wifey does to get other guys hot, I wuld love to see Penny posing like she's a a bar looking hot and possibly teasing a guy. Maybe a picture of her dancing with a guy too. mmmmm

I do like the secretary idea. I'd add pantyhose with you tearing a hole in them when you get to enjoy your secretary after work.