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Things are very difficult at work due to staff shortages and everyone is stressed out their brain.

Everyone .. . with the exception of one young (just qualified) nurse who is remarkably cool and just quietly getting on with her tasks.

I asked her how she was able to stay so calm in the circumstances and she laughed and said she is calm now but she used to be very anxious and afraid of  EVERYTHING!

She told me that whilst she was at college her despairing parents and tutors sent on a confidence building course where she was taught to change her negative ' I can't do that' thinking to 'I CAN do that!'

She was also taught to see the positive in every situation no matter how bad it seemed at first.

Well .. all I can say is that the course certainly worked for her

And I wish I could go on one the same .. the sooner the better!!!!




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WEll after my day .. I am doing my best!!

I agree with papertulips, turn negative things to positive. Doing that right now.

I think they do too!!

Oh Goodness!!

Don't keep me in suspense too long!!!!! My imagination will run away with me!!!!!!

Yes it is a case of 'oh my'

Oh my...

When I have the energy I will pm you with the TRUTH!!!

Tell them how much more productive you would all time for even a cup of tea? Now that's barbaric! Don't you get regular breaks?

That is a great idea dautura .. they should provide the courses at work.<br />
<br />
But as we are not even having time for a cup of tea .. that is very very unlikely!

Everyone can use a dose of self confidence and optimism. It's strange that I was just having a convo about that yesterday. Seems like many of us are going thru the same cloudy experiences.

I have such admiration for you. Nursing is a very stressful profession these days! The employers would be wise to provide these type of courses for their nursing staff, and refresher courses on a regular basis too.

me too!!!