Have Gone Out Dressed With Other Girls...

I live in Los Angeles and met some other girls online. They invited me to go out with them to a couple of clubs in the LA area. They all rented an apartment together that they used for partying and for dressing, and I agreed to meet them there. When I got there, there were girls in various states of dressing and they made me feel very welcome. I had brought some clothes with me, but one of the ladies suggested I wear a short, tight skirt that she had. I also wore a black turtleneck, black tights, and 3" heels. One of the girls did my makeup and I was so excited I could hardly stand it. We took a bunch of pictures and one of the ladies kept fondling my ***. I can't say that I minded.

I was nervous at first, but it felt so good to be walking across the street to the car with my short skirt showing off my hot legs -- an amazing feeling! We hit a local "drag club" first and had a couple of drinks, and then went to another bar for a club called "Dragstrip 66". Dragstrip was the coolest --- a great group of people and a "anything goes" vibe. We did a lot of drinking and dancing and had a blast. One of the girls ran her hands up my tights and admired them -- the next thing I knew her hand was up my skirt! I ran my hand up her fishnets, but nothing else happened...(darn).

I never wanted the night to end and was very sad when I had to get back into "boy mode".
driver88 driver88
46-50, M
Jul 29, 2010