I was invited by my friends and was promised a great time.
When we arrived this is what followed:
Anita lay naked on the bed, her body trembling with anticipation. Her small breasts heaved against her chest as she looked at him. Her eyes focused on his finger tips as they reached into the waistband of his black boxer briefs. A fairly significant bulge stuck out. She knew it was going to hurt. But she didn't care. She wanted to feel a **** inside her for the very first time. It was Alicia who suggested Bobby.

Bobby and Anita had known each other for about a year, they met through Alicia. She had introduced them at work. At the time, Bobby and Alicia were dating. They were an odd couple, polar opposites yet the attraction was undeniable.

The relationship between Anita and Bobby was just as curious. They constantly bickered and argued with each other. Bobby's best friend once said "If anyone had seen the way you two acted towards each other, there's no doubt they would consider it foreplay".

Of course he denied it, but deep down there was a sexual attraction between him and Anita. He looked down at her now, with her legs spread open up on the bed, eyes fixated on his ****. He crawled up on the bed, kissing her slowly as he repositioned himself on the bed. He gently kissed her breast, tasting her round nipple in his mouth. He listened as Anita moaned softly, almost whispering.

"Go slow", she said as she felt the head of his **** against her ***** lips. He pushed forward, feeling the resistance. Bobby saw a tear drop in her eye. He stopped pushing. "Don't stop, keep going", she whimpered. Bobby pushed forward again. She was incredibly tight around him as her hymen began stretching. Anita wrapped her arms around him.

Bobby was afraid of hurting her. Not only was this her first time, but she was very petite. Bobby didn't put all his weight down on her as he thrust slowly into her.

Anita kissed him, using her tongue in his mouth. He was almost all the way inside her. She clutched his body tightly against hers, as her body began to move with the rhythm of his. Anita gripped his skin in her fingers, yearning for his **** to be all the way inside her. She felt him pushing.

Finally, her hymen snapped and Bobby's body thrust forward. He pinned her against the bed, thrusting harder. She began whimpering. Anita felt his weight crash down on her with each thrust. She arched her back, kissing him desperately.

"Oh, Bobby." she called out, for the first time in a long time feeling like a woman. She raised her legs, rubbing the heel of her foot against the small of his back. His hands grabbed her head, pulling her closer to another long out drawn kiss. Anita felt his **** slipping in and out of her tight opening, and she loved every movement. It was such a new experience.

Everything she heard sex was going to be was so different then the emotions she was feeling now. Alicia had told her alot, but it didn't compare to the feeling of actually having a man's hard **** inside of her.

She moaned again, feeling her body tense up. She had played with herself a few times, so she knew what an ****** felt like. And she could feel it coming. But this was different. She felt so alive now as her ****** hit like a freight train. Anita's body shook as she called out his name. Her ***** leaked out onto his **** as she came hard.

Listening to her whispers and moans was driving Bobby crazy. He looked down at her, realizing that he just ****** her for the first time. Anita would always remember Bobby now, as more then just her verbal sparring partner.

His **** was hard inside her, and about to ***.

He slipped his **** out from her *****. Quickly, he grasped it with his hand and beat off, aiming at her flat belly. Anita watched as his **** erupting, shooting hot *** onto her stomach. She slipped her finger into the puddle and dabbed it. Cautiously, she took the finger in her mouth and licked it. She took another finger full of *** into her mouth as Bobby climbed off her, laying next to her in bed.

He whispered softly, watching her every movement. "How are you feeling?. He pulled her closer as she placed her head on his chest.

"It hurt a little, at first. But now it feels good to be this wide open", she kissed his chest. Her eyes were lit with excitement. He slid his fingers through her dark hair as he kissed her forehead.

Anita and Bobby laid in bed, basking in the moment. They closed their eyes for a moment, but that didn't last long. The door swung open and in walked Alicia. Anita immediately reached for the sheets that were bunched at the end of the bed to cover their naked bodies.

"No, need to cover up, Anita.", Alicia said as she grabbed the sheets away and tossed them to the floor.

"Get out! What are you doing here!", Anita screamed. She could feel Alicia's eyes scan her body.

"I told you he was a good lover. Didn't I?", she was grinning. Bobby and Alicia had remained friends after the break up. They hung out together, and despite dating other people there was still alot of sexual tension between them. They flirted and teased each other, but neither one of them made a move. Alicia was the best lover Bobby had ever been with.

There was something else that Alicia hinted at to Bobby, but never came out and said. She had often make jokes about being with other women to Bobby. In fact, he thought the reason she broke up with him was because she wanted to be with Anita.

The fact of the matter was Alicia was bi-curious. She had been with women before, and she was attracted to Anita. She had wanted to kiss her for a while, but Anita was way too straight laced for that.

She looked at her best friend and her ex boyfriend laying naked on the bed before her. Their bodies were both drenched with sweat.

The memories of Bobby and her desire for Anita hit her both at once. She crossed to the other side of the bed and pulled her shirt over her head as she climbed into bed. Her bare **** flopped out, she wasn't even wearing a bra.

.......oh I'm too tired to write down the whole experience but if I get enough responses , I'll finish writing the rest if the experience. I also wish there were some real women in India who would want to spend to with me ....
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