When I was in 19 I was made friendship with an aunty she lives besides my home which I buyed to easily go college. she looked so beautiful and she is in some tea like clolour she loved me very much she has a big deep black navel. She looks very hot in saree she always wears saree. She is 5.3 in height she was perfect in having heaven sex. She loves me very much we were lovers because her husband lives in Kuwait he wksits home for every 3years she has 1 daughter aged 8 and son aged 5 they both go to school and comes in evening @6:30pm. I used to go college and comes in the noon @1:00pm. When I reach home I used to have my lunch and meet my friend she was alone every time we used to play lots of games like chess,Carroms,ps2 and some times I used to help her in work. One day she called me to her home at 10pm as that day was holiday then I went to her home she told me to help her In house work I obeyed and we finished the work after that she told me to bring the chess bored I said we were playing it all time lets play some new game. Then I said her I like to tell her one word she said what was it I suddenly said I LOVE U she then laughed and said me2 we both looked each other faces and tried to kiss each other then we both were in big lust I opened her saree to poke her navel she was in full mood and feeling sweat she had a hip pain and said me to massage I brought an olive oil bottle and made massage with it she was in so hot mood she was biting her lips. I then went to her boobs and made a hard press there she told me if u want free u can also make me nude because there Is no one here I was stunned to see her nude and I rubbed her body. Then she told me that she need an hard ******* I obeyed and brought a condom stored in my room I put it to my **** and made it get into her *** she moaned slowly like ahhhhhhhh aaaaaaa. She said slowly dear I feel much pained I was on my way she said hard and harder I tried my best and realesed my *** in condom and we had a bath in shower I rubbed her body and made her clean I put soap on her navel and cleaned it well. She was moaning now. She said after this program you have to sleep with me for Evening up to 5pm and I would bring my children's home at 6pm I obeyed then
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So nice enjoyed