I Would Love To Go To Work Dressed As A Girl

I have worn only panties for as long as I can remember. I have occasionally worn a bra and pantihose along with girls jeans and girls shoes to work. I have let my fingernails grow long and keep them polished (usually sheer pink polish). I often wear perfume and a little bit of lipstick. I work in an office where all the other employees are female and I am sure that they have noticed my feminine tastes but nobody seems to mind, it's almost like I was one of the girls and I love it. Although I have worn skirts and dresses in public, I am not quite ready to try that at work yet, but maybe someday I will get the courage to just do it. I love feeling like one of the girls, it is much better than being with guys.
PattiAllison PattiAllison
56-60, F
5 Responses Aug 4, 2010

lucky lady iamm wearinh only panties and pantyhose daily under my male clothes but using woman crea Q10 antiwrinkle .,deodorant forwoma ,,so lovely day all day in woman underwear,,

Fullcircle is right, I would ask, it would mean comming out to them, but I think they know.

I think that if all those little signs have been around a while you could ask: "Hey girls, would you mind if ...". No harm in asking, and nothing lost if they say they'd rather you didn't.

I can only agree; when I go out and shop, or visit galleries or whatever en femme, I feel much more in touch with myself. And when I go home and must transform into a male, I feel a sadness. I do enjoy being the man for some things, but I would be happy to reduce it rather more, including working en femme.

i can't seem to get up the nerve to venture outside in fem, i have taken out the garbage and retrived my mail which required riding the elavator but that's far as i gotten my therapist is encouraging me to do it. i believe i will very soon