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I work for my father and after I came out a few years ago he told me that I could not come to work crossdressed under any circumstances which I accepted at the time. His attitude has softened over the past few months however as I am getting closer to becoming the woman I have always wanted to be and the hormones I am taking have changed my body shape quite a lot.

Just before Christmas break last year he asked me to go to his office and told me that he would not be getting any Christmas gifts for me apart from that  as of the New Year I was to start back to work as Jenni.

My first day at work after the holidays was everything I wanted it to be, I arrived at work in my grey skirt suit, black tights and 2" heels and a little make up on, I was really apprehensive as I walked through the door to the office but the girls who I work with complimented me on my look and said it was great to finally see me as Jenni at work and not two different people as they had seen me before.

It has made me feel so good knowing that my family have accepted me as I am and I am so happy that my dad in particular is willing to give up a son to become a daughter I have always wanted to be.

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Free at last and total acceptance must a relief. ;-)

I usually crossdress for work but it is easy for me as we run a small mail order business. Working at home with my wife today, taping up her clothing sales for posting - I am wearing pink satin frilled panties under a zip-front swimsuit, a black satin body slip with a mesh back, black satin short-sleeved blouse, a real leather knee-length black skirt with gorgeous lining, opaque hold-ups and pvc knee high black boots with 3-inch heels. It always makes my wife smile if I have a little stumble carrying the stock through to the kitchen but we're so happy together! Black for a Monday, I think it will be my slinky new red dress tomorrow with strappy heels - I'll wait and see what she suggests as I like to dress for her pleasure and mine of course ;-)

Bobby working part 1

Wow!, I cant believe this is happening to me. My live in girlfriend (Jenny) was laid off from a good paying job. She now is home all the time now. I know all of you have read my many stories of how much of a complete sissified house maid I have become to her. And all the jobs I do around the neighborhood in my dresses.
Well, the first couple week were not too bad. I did my usuall chores. She did add a few more to my list since she was home, but I managed to get them all finished to her liking. Jenny finally said to me last week that she was tired of seeing me prancing about the house in my dresses and heels everyday doing my cleaning, so she suggested that I get a job.
I said, "A job?, but I have one here at home!" Jenny said, "no, I mean a real job working for someone else, for real pay."She said that since she was not working, that I would have to earn some money to pay the bills for awhile. Jenny said that she spoke with her friend, Maria. She knew of a store owner needing some help. Her name was Pamela and she owned a large new & used consignment shop in the next town. Maria said she would have her call and set up a time to come by.

A few days later Jenny said, "go put put on your pretty yellow dress, then I'll make you up nice. Jenny did my hair up and added a yellow bow to my hair. She handed me some low heeled pumps then said. "you look fine for your fist day at work." I mumbled, "today!" Jenny said, "yes, today. Now go get your purse and lets get going."
We drove to the next town which was just 15 min away. Jenny pointed as she drove by the store, She said, " there's where you will be working, Bobby!" Then she drove to the rear of the store and parked. We got out and Jenny came around and started straightening my collar and smoothing my dress. She said, "we want you to look at your best, don't we?"

As we entered the store, Pamela waved to us. She giggled as she said, "hello, Bobby are you ready for work?" I just nodded. Pamela, said you can call me Pam. Jenny said as she turned around to leave, "I',ll be back at 5:00 to pick you up.
Pam said, "Now come with me and I'll show you around and what you'll be helping me with. She told me to take the clothes from the shipping boxes and hang them up, then she showed me how to price them. When I had a full rack, I was to call her and she would take them to the display floor. It wasn't a hard job, But I had to stand or sit for long periods of time. Pam said I would also keep the stock room swept up and the restroom clean everyday.
As I was working I could here women in the sales floor laughing. I went and looked out and saw a woman and two teenage girls waving at me. I hurried back to my work area. I didn't know it at that time, but Pam had told a few of her friends that I would be here today. They were all curious about seeing me.
Pam came over to me and said she wanted me to help her in the window display. I went out front with her. Everyone started smiling and giggling as I pranced by clicking my heels. Pam handed me a skirt and a blouse to put on a plastic dummy in her window. As I worked to get the model dressed, a few girls outside came up to watch me. They were laughing and waving to me. All I could do was smile and wave back. I hurried to get done, then pranced back thru the store to the back. All the ladies were in tears from laughing so much.
It was a fun, but very humiliating first day for me. Pam said that I was a good worker and wanted me to come back Wednesday. she said she could only use me three days a week.

It is always good to be accepted for who you truly are.

It's great your dad is finally seeing you for who you really are. What a wonderful blessing.

That is a major stepping stone for you and I'm proud of you for being yourself. It took me almost 60 years to accept myself as who I am so you enjoy your youth and live life to its fullest.

What a wonderful story Jenni.<br />
I hope that it gives courage to many other girls poised at this big step in their lives.<br />

The power of love in action right there. Congrats to you, and kudos to your Dad for being able to accept and accept you for you.

congratulations , i wish you the best and hope all your dreams come true your courage is remarkable<br />
xoxo honey

thats a really lovely story.