Rather Dominated By Men...

This group ironically seems to be rather dominated by men!  I wonder why?  wink

I'm looking for a girlfriend who wants to indulge our mutual pee fetish but don't think the relationship should be defined by that.  I'm sure it'd be ok for you to pee occasionally without holding it!  No seriously, for a relationship to work long term it has to be about more than sex and pee, but I don't think relationships can work without the sex, and fetishes if any, being enjoyable for both parties.  I run my own business, work far too hard, am in London, UK, and really value companionship to avoid loneliness.

Any women out there who'd like to tell me about themselves at length?  I can say a lot more when you have told me what you want to know.
holdit247 holdit247
31-35, M
Jul 21, 2010