Maybe One Day I Can Have One

I wonder how i could ever decide what type i would want...

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I probably won't be getting an animal until I get my own place in life, and how I plan to join the air force that won't happen for 4-5 years. I can be a whole new man by then so it is a discussion to have much later.

That aside it is my feeling that you can never learn too much especially in the regards to the canis familaris. I grew up in East Africa I have lived in India and animals are my life. Besides this is more a discussion about finding the right kind of dog for you. The shelter and pounds are full of them from young puppies to older dogs.I love animals especially dogs there are certain breeds I would never consider as family members and others I have my doubts about but then again I have already met my chosen group namely the sighthounds.I feel for the strays as they have no home but the streets where they were born. A short painful lifespan filled with dangers infections and pain being kicked just for being in the way of someone. I do wish you luck though and if you have any questions about the sighthound group feel free to ask.

I have had my entire life around dogs, and animals as well. Living on a farm I have been around many types of animals. I am very good with all animals especially dogs.

I made a mistake I ment to say they should be kept inside with the family not outside at all they need a lot of stimuli depending on the breed and the group it belongs to. Sorry about that it is quite early here. I have been up for a while as my lads pack of three ex-racing greyhounds and one whippet needed their usual morning run.

It not always a question of time but more a question of being open to the idea of dogownership. Even if you have some knowledge of dogs its is not the same as having dogs in your life it is a huge responsibillity not to be taken lightly.Remember a dog is a fourlegged familymember and they should be treated with love care and understanding. They should not be kept outside where they get neglected all to easily they are highly social individuals and they need time with their intended family. I am not writing this to be condesending but I do have a life times worth of experience with dogs especially sighthounds I got my first greyhound back in 1986 and it was a lifechanger for the better. I am the fortunate owner of three ex-racing greyhounds and one whippet. I have a well integrated pack and yes they live indoors with me and yes they are spoilt and loved as any other very close family member respected as a species and with all that it entails.

This is a pretty old story. I wasn't thinking about it recently.<br />
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in a few more days this story will be 2 years old.

Oh well, always good to muse ..

Well I can't even get one until I am out of the military anyway. I need to join up first so I won't get a dog for a good while.

One will just appear and its like you have no choice in the matter<br />
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I had always had a pekinese dog<br />
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Now I have a border collie .. he choose me!

I am educated on dogs, and animals in general, so don't worry, but thanks for the comment.

The day you find your breed of dog it will be the right one for you. What you can do is go to dog shows and have a look around before you make such a life changing decicion. If its your very first canine there are countless books about the diffrent breeds that are well worth reading before you make your final decicion. There is a lot to be taken into account the energy level of your chosen their stimuli level what kind of neighbour hood do you live in? it is also a question of getting the right breed to fit your particular lifestyle. It is far better to gather knowledge first before deciding on the breed of your heart. I would not recomend the terriers to start with as they require experience and knowledge if its not going to be a disaster for both dog and family. If you have any questions or need any help feel free to ask any time.

I doubt i would go that route.

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