I Am Always Naked At Home

I never wear clothes around the house or in the back yard which is enclosed and private. Their is one house that overlooks our yard but we know the people and they are OK with me running around naked.
We have had a lot of parties where there was open nudity and sex going on back there and only once was there a complaint. I was in the bedroom with two guys and everyone was somewhere with someone and the doorbell rings. Well I am really into what these two are doing to me and ignore it. My husband walks in and says their our two cops at the door and I had better be the one to talk to them.
I put on my bathing suit, believe me it doesn't get much use and is incredibly small and went to the door.
The cops told me that our music was too loud and I told him that was to cover my screaming. He laughed and I told him I would turn it down and asked if they would like to come in. He was checking me out hard and they where both young and cute so I was having this fantasy about having to service them to keep out of trouble but he said no thanks.
I make an excuse to turn around so they could check out my butt, I think I walked part way back into the entrance room and yelled for my husband to turn the music down.
I turned around again fast so I could see where their eyes where, of course they where on my behind. I asked if there was ANYTHING else I could do for them and smiled. Unfortunately they said no and left. I went back the the guys but I was wishing we had a couple of cop uniforms for them to wear.
I did have an adventure with a group of cops in a bar once but maybe this is not the place to write about them.
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Amazing story

Great Story, post some picsā€¼

Awesome.. sounds like fun!