My Sister Always Nude

I have a sister aged 17. She does not wear clothes at all. Whenever and wherever possible, she is nude. She wears only when going out of house and that too only in her shirt and shorts. No undergarments. Myself and sister are the only persons in our house. Our parents are away. I am aged 24. I have tried to change her mind. But she told that she does not mind seeing her naked. Whenever we go out, she prefers such places where she can stay nude like beaches. One girl who is studying with her aged 17 came to see my sister in our house. She saw her nude. There was no reaction from that friend, which means it was OK for her to see my sister nude. Ultimately, other friends came to know about this. Now all these friends (seven) came to our house one day for birthday celebration of my sister. Once they came, they also shed their clothes and remained nude. In fact, I think I am a lucky guy to see all these girls completely nude. After that birthday celebration, now they come to our house every holiday and remains here throughout the day completely nude. Anyway, I am enjoying their beauty.
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4 Responses Mar 13, 2011

She is nude also in winter and outside ?

do u have pics hee hee

I second that comment‼

That sounds like wishful thinking, but if it is true you are one very lucky guy!!