And I Do

The love of my life enjoys being naked at home as much as I do. Except for those particular times of the month, in which case she has to limit herself to being topless, she will come home and just peel everything off. She cuddles up to me to share our warmth at night, she joins me in the shower and we wash each other's hard to reach places. I feel so blessed to have someone like her to love and be loved by.

snowandash snowandash
26-30, M
4 Responses Mar 26, 2009

Does she dress for visitors or remain topless/naked ?

We are lucky to have naked women to share our lives together as my wife also is naked at all times no matter if there are others present or not.....

You are indeed blessed! I am hopeful about someday finding a woman like that!

Very nice. My fiancee is not quite that comfortable with her body, but is getting there.