My Dream.

To have large feminine breasts, it is my dream. My target is to fill an E cup but I will be happy with at least a C cup.
I asked my wife how she would feel if I grew big beautiful feminine breasts. Her answer surprised me. She said as long as I still have you. She has known that I am a hetero M to F cross dresser for 34 years but I thought that she would think that this was going too far.

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It is great to hear that other males have wifes that like there husbands to have breast. When I first mentioned to my wife about 10 years ago about having my own breast, she begain to laugh. I asked her what was funny about that, and she said she had wanted me to have breast also, but was afraid to tell me. She said that she started to put estrogen in my coffee a month ago, and was going to see what would happen in 3-4 months. I told her that my nipples had been itching the last week, but I did not figure that it was estrogen that was doing it. I now fill a 38B bra completely, and love having them.

I didn't have to wish for the girls to grow up. My urology dr. ordered it by perscribing Casodex, an anti-androgen to reduce my testosterone to control prostate cancer cell growth. I am in my eighties and have a beautiful B Cup pair of perky sweet girls that i have trouble keeping my hands off of, they feel sooo good. I love them and they match my dissapearing penis what now rivals a lot f clits i have known.<br />
My wife wife taught me to jill like she does with a finger in my man-gina while she plays with my ****.<br />
Life gets better in the golden years!

Thank you for your comment.

if you need resources, I have an excellent one for hormones. <br />
<br /><br />
<br />
they take 2-3 weeks to deliver but it is legit pharmacy grade meds. I used this site for 3 months and got B's out before going the path way and medical supervision.

Thank you for your comment and helpful hints. I am going to ask one of my dr's what will be the best way for me to grow my own breasts. I will keep that site book marked.

his response should be -- seek out a gender therapist, you will next have to have enough sessions for them to diagnose you with Gender Dysphoria. With a letter of diagnosis you next visit the local endocrinology dept, give them the letter from the therapist, along with a short chat confirming the diagnosis. You will then give enough blood samples to open your own blood bank. lol no really they take 6 tubes worht. He then makes a follow up appt where you go over the results, you are handed some pharmacy csripts, and are on your way. After a 2-3 month period, your bloodwork will need to be redone to ensure that your meds are ok, of if the levels need tweaked they do so. Ftre this you should be good to go for the next 1-2 years. You go girl! lol

If that is your dream, Sherry, that is great and to have your wife's support is definitely great too! As for me, yes I've grown my own breasts and even though I am not that big, I now fill a B-cup completely but my wife recently suggested that I could use some new bras and that I should think about a C-cup. Honestly I wouldn't want to be any bigger than I am (don't want to compete with my wife and we know some gals who up there in the DD-cup and even a little bigger and they have back problems). So I am happy where I am, love what I've got, and so is my wife who loves to tweek my boobs.

Thank you for your comments. I am ready for a 5 to 10 year regimen to grow the girls. I currently fill a B cup but I'm not satisfied. I want my girls to be out there for every one to see. It's funny how people will stare at my chest with mere B's. I love telling them "My eyes are up here.

True, true, true ...