Now I Do

For a long time I wanted breasts and longed for the day, unfortunately I was born male and felt trapped int he wrong body.
after a long batle ,fighting my way through the medical system, 2 years on I have breasts, they are growing and hopefully in the not so distant future they will be a B cup or bigger.

being on hormones for 9 months has helped ,Its not about breasts, not taking them because I would love to have breasts ,the breasts are a bonus.

every day when I wake up ,I lift my top and look at them in the mirror and I feel happy.

no matter what size they are ,I will be happy with what I have because I know they are real "not implants". I had thought about implants but ,they are not natural ,they can burst/rupture.

I like to know that they are a real part of my body and not man made.
sarahbethuk sarahbethuk
26-30, F
3 Responses May 9, 2012

Having grown breasts also, it was the right way to go for me. Hormones do lead to a lessened male sex drive and ability.

I'm not sure how safe are the hormons do they change anything else in your body

They are not without risks, you can get dvt and other risks too. I am living as a woman now, so I choose to take them. hormones cause breast development ,they soften the skin, make you impotent. It depends on how one responds to hormones. However the medical profession only prescribe if you are transgender or a menopausal female.

Ok thanks

You're right to let them grow naturally, implants may be great to look at but the touch and feel of real breasts is incomparable, even if they are not a DD cup!

I agree with you 100%