A Tale Of Two *******

All my life I remember dressing up in clothes of the opposite gender. I would hang out with my male cousin and at any given opportunity sneak into his sisters room and take her bras and undies and skirts and such and obviously in small amounts to not be noticeable. For the past 10 years this has been off an on, not the cousins clothing situation but me dressing up and being feminine.
I don't really remember why I had the urge to look up men growing breasts one day in 2010 but I did, and found "NATUREDAY" and was astonished and blown back by the male testimonials and the beautiful sets of breasts they acquired. I decided out of complete skepticism to try it out. I chose their cream product and to my surprise it was delivered in a couple days. They recommend about 2-3 times a day and I decided to take a decent amount and rub on my chest which was fairly chiseled. Waited 2 days, nothing...did another little bit at night, 2 days later, nada. One night after a show (I am a musician) I came home drunk as can be, and took a LARGE amount in my hand and rubbed it in. Woke up the next day chest was very itchy and nipples very sensitive which made me very horny. And we all know when we are horny we do dumb things. My dumb thing was taking another large amount and rubbing it in. I guess I was on a mission to prove this product wrong. After about 5 days my chest was on fire, itching, and incredibly sensitive. Shirts I wore proudly I now became shamed to wear cause I noticed they were much tighter and my chest was much softer and protruding out and looked like a shirt with breasts underneath. I immediately stopped and they haven't grown much maybe a AA cup While I am only 25 with a girlfriend who I intend to make my wife and have kids with and we are active swimmers and such. I have been very slow on trying it again. While I have ordered and cancelled orders and taken orders and tried them just to feel guilty and throw it away and waste money doing so. I have tried their soap countless times and experienced minor growth doing it, and I just cannot shake the thought of having breasts. I want them I NEED THEM, I do not consider myself transgender but do love to dress up and wear bras. And while I feel if I were to take on the product again it would be the end of my pectoral days, seeing as I have slight rounding at the bottom and the tail of the breast tissue is now extending further on the outside of my possible breasts making it more round on the outside as well. While it may give my well in shape frame a female appearance up top I just dont care. I want breasts. Just so nervous cause of the active swimming we do with friends and family. What will they think to see a man with breasts, I know they wont care but I'm just self concious about it myself. Although over the past 2 years since I tried it I have went from eagerly pursuing a surgeon for removal of the tissue to lack of caring what people think and enjoying them since they are there. Maturing? What would the girlfriend think if it became a point where I needed a bra due to the bouncing I so much want, and the weight I so much desire.
This has been a dragged out tale of my experience and hopeful journey sorry for the ramble.
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1 Response May 20, 2012

Good for you, growing your own breasts. This is something I have done and though I am still small breasted, there is no easy way to hide a B cup ... though I certainly wouldn't want to either. I love having my own breasts and my wife thinks it is great too.<br />
Which leads me to the question. I take it that you've not talked with your girlfriend about this, so what do you think she will think about you having breasts too?