One Of My Biggest Wishes

I dream about having breasts every single day. My mom wears kinda see through white shirts and I can see the way her breasts fall neatly into the bra I wear when she's not. She has no idea how much of a torture that is! I spend hours on end just browsing lingerie stores looking at bras I would love to have my breasts supported with. I don't even want huge breasts, I would be more then satisfied with AAA cup size breasts. And its just a pain looking at all those dresses that are meant to show breasts, all those dresses I can't wear without boobs. I know pretty much about every bra there is. Believe me, if I ever had breasts I would love them and use them much more then a natural girl would.
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1 Response May 22, 2012

if i may ask what is stoping you