Erotic Picture Day

I'd love to have a sizzling, erotic photo session someday soon. My body has survived so much . I've cheated death twice, lost nearly 100 lbs and have reach a place in my life where I'm comfortable with who I am as a woman.

No, I've never had a problem being nude. I was raised in a family where seeing each other naked wasn't a big deal. College was difficult because I always seemed to get stuck with roommates who had to put on fifty layers of clothing to go to our bathroom. In our room. Yes you read right. The bathroom was in the room. I'm rushing to get to class and they'd freak because I wouldn't wear a robe. Oh well...

Fast forward to now, I'd like to be in all different forms of undress with the photog snapping away.I envision  a tasteful, Playboy magazine-type background. My lover would pose, too, in some shots. The final portraits would be hung in our bedroom for us to enjoy. And I'd slip one in my wallet to carry around just to remind myself that dreams do come true at any age.

So, I'm looking and waiting...Not just any photographer will do. I want one whom I have the right chemistry with. Who appreciates my beauty reflected in the lens, not just looking to get off horny tributes. Or post on a **** site. I have faith that person's going to show up in time. And I'll be ready with nothing but a smile on my face.
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It can be a wonderful experience. A couple of the photographs from a shoot I did were made into 8 by 10s and framed. My husband likes having them in the bedroom, though I tuck them away in a drawer when the housekeeper or guests come. A good photographer that you are comfortable with makes all the difference.

Good to hear. That\'s what I want. A fun, comfortable shoot reflecting the person that I\'ve become along with smoldering sexiness.


Thank you, HStoner

Did you notice the sales of high end camera's as well as of photography classes enrollment went up after you posted this ;)

LOLOL! I did! The latest issue of Vogue has beautiful nudes too. I've always wanted this. Not trashy, but very tasteful. Since taking ballet stretch classes, I've become even more limber...:-)

I would love to be your photographer!

so proud to have such a confident women in the same state

Thank you..:-)

This is a wonderful story. I believe you didn't cheat death, you BEAT it! I imagine that it was hard, grueling, challenging work that you struggled with. My mother successfully fought stage four ovarian cancer for many years before it finally took her life. But her fight was well worth the additional years of life she experienced. My father on the other hand was diagnosed with a treatable bladder cancer, went for one treatment and then said he would never go for another one. He never did and lived the rest of his life watching tv all night alone in a recliner, eating microwaved food, cookies and ice cream. He sat at home and ate himself to death while my mother was traveling around the country getting bone marrow transplants.

Anyway, I wanted to congratulate you on the great progress you've made in improving your health and your enjoyment of life. I am presently working on that path, but have a ways to go. I'm healthier and have more self-respect. I'm doing work that is meaningful to me instead of work that I hated that paid well.

One of my passions has always been photography from a young age. I'm now entering my photographs in contests and winning awards, getting pictures published (online and in print) and havee had several gallery exhibitions. While I don't make much money from photography, I enjoy doing it a great deal! I've only just recently begun to do some erotic photography of others. In the past, I've periodically done that with myself as the subject, but recently I've started photographing people. My desire is to create beautiful, abstract images of the human body. I want to do this using as subjects people of various sizes and shapes and races and genders. I believe that there is beauty in each of us that can be found if we're just patient enough to look for it.

I would be thrilled to be able to photograph someone like you and your partner. It sounds like it would be such an enriching experience for everyone involved.

St. Louis

Thank you for your wonderful compliments, Andie! I've fought a battle and won. I'm happier every day with my life and the new experiences I'm living.

Living a full, rich life is the best way to appreciate the opportunity we're given. I've spent too many years holed up and alone. I'm now working on creating a new better life for myself: one in which I actually like myself!

Just waiting! And I can't wait! Loving the reflections of the new me in the mirror. Think I'm finally understanding why some like to make love with mirrors. After losing all this weight, just a different me.

One day your prints will ***!

LOL..Love the pun..:-)

That's where mine are going when I have my session. I was just looking at old pictures yesterday and they look nothing like me now. When I mentioned this to a friend who wedding I was in, we both had a really good belly laugh. It was 12 years ago. She said I look like completely diffrrent person. Happier and younger now.

When my wife had hers done she ended up with a female photographer, and we got a great set fo prints out of it, that were hung on our bedroom wall for a few years.

No, Joey, my last sentence was a general one. Meant for those who are struggling for outside approval from someone by doing things they don't truly enjoy. Or conforming because someone says so. Walking to the beat of your own drum is the most liberating thing one can do. As for broken hearts, been there. Survived. Respect you too.

I hope that you didn't misinterpret my reply & if so then its my fault for not being more detailed. You obviously do or you wouldn't have done for yourself what you have. I noticed this. Many of my stories are of times that i didn't love myself. I've learned so much since then. Just sexual love is not what I'm looking for. Thats never a prob for me especially since i can love a woman regardless of her weight. A soulmate that can be mine forever is what I'm looking for & only one. Please read more of my stories & in depth. Thanks for this reply because maybe i should write another story to clarify this. Possibly others also are misinterpreting me too. You are a fine self loving person. I wouldn't have spoke of loving yourself 1st if I didn't know a little something about it too. Another broken heart is what im trying to avoid. I've become very selective of the personallity I'm looking for these days. I've been thru so much & still coming out on top. The bumpy roads were awesome because ive learned from them. My next true love will be my last to the end. Keep taking good care of yourself.
I have much respect for you.

Im not so different. I love stories of people who love themselves. You have to love yourself before you can love others. Im not talkin about sexual tributes either. I think you got it goin on baby.

Thank you, Joey. I've done much self work to reach this point in my life. Can't give love if you don't know what it is in your own life.