Nicola, Sexy ****-****-buddy

Although I have been married for many years, I have never ever watched a woman pee.  This, I know, is unusual, but true.  So when I took home my secretary from work one evening after we had been working late, and she invited me in but said she had to rush to the downstairs loo to have a pee I was amazed that she didn't even close the door.  There she was, sitting on the toilet, her skirt pulled up and her knickers round her ankles, ******* like she hadn't been for a week!!  She laughed as she looked up and saw me looking between her legs at the gorgeous stream of golden ****.  "What's the matter, never seen a girl pee before" she asked.  I told her I hadn't, and so she told me to hurry before she finished, and kneel between her legs and get my head right down there to watch as closely as possible.  What a sight !!  It kept me in wanks for weeks, and the sight of the stream of **** coming out of her pouting **** was truly beautiful.  Since that day we have become ****-buddies, and the best part about that is that she often crouches over my me and pees on my chest before we ****.  I haven't drunk her **** as such but I always lick the drops off her **** after she has peed when we're together.  Nicola is the most sexy ****-****-buddy you could ever meet !!
Ian2watt Ian2watt
61-65, M
4 Responses Aug 26, 2011

sweet. does she squirt too ?

No, sadly she doesnt . . . she **** heavy, I love her to crouch astride my head and *** in my mouth . . . but she doesn't actually squirt

Great story, I to love to be peed on, please add us.

It's nice that you've found her, but not exactly fair on your wife.

I'm in the wrong job. No secretary!