Soo Hard To Find!!

Damn it's so hard to find a girl with pee fetish who is not looking for a girl... I'm starting to give up... If there is a girl, around 18, have pee fetish PLEASE add me to msn, it's

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3 Responses Feb 18, 2010

I like guys that dont mind me haveing a pee fetish

Man, that would be cool to date some girl who gets off on pee...whether its on me or in their jeans( that would be hot to see a girl **** herself)

Like 99% of girls who have ever thought about it are not going to openly admit it, let alone post a personal asking for a dude to pee on them on Ep. (I think there's only like 2 who have) Hah most girls are down for kinky sex and will do it if u ask them to in the heat of the moment. I've never been turned down and every girl I've done it with loved it once they tried it. Be confident. U won't find the girl of ur dreams on the internet unless there's money involved ha