I Love Sex With Cross-dressers!

I've been a trannie all my life and I've found others a turn-on since I was a teenager. I find it incredibly horny, men dressed and made up as women. I love to take another TV in my arms and kiss her, feeling her hard maleness against mine. I love sliding my hands up her thigh, up under her skirt - or kissing and licking my way up her thigh, knowing full well that there will be a lovely hard **** instead of a *****. I love sliding my hand over a hard bulge held tightly in silky panties, feeling that wet patch moistened by pre-***. Maybe I'll lick that wet patch before I slowly pull the front of those sexy panties down, uncovering his lovely hard ****.

And hopefully he/she will do the same for me. I love looking down and seeing a hungry T-girl sucking on my ****. I love to *** in her mouth then kiss her, before going down on her. Or maybe the other way round? I love taking photos of myself sucking a T-girl's **** - I'd like it even better if there were another T-girl taking photos, or maybe my girlfriend. And i love them to *** in my mouth, or over my face - one T-girl last year sprayed my body with ***, all over my dress, all over my face - so much ***!
56-60, T
Feb 16, 2010