My Greatest Fantasy........

I have always fantasized and want to have sex with a married couple, the evening would start with dinner, and drinks, get touchy, feely and go back to a hotel, once we are there I would reveal a sexy black lace teddy that has been screaming to come out of my clothes, I would kiss him all over his body while his wife would ********** to me pleasuring her man, soon after the kissing begins his hard **** would peak through his pants, I would then drop to my knees and swallow his shaft and suck his **** til he **** inside my mouth, begging him for more I keep sucking til he is hard again, then turn my attention to his wife, eating her hot dripping ***** while he ***** my ***, and right as he **** deep into my tight *** filling me with his hot ***, she sprays all over my face and grabs my head and shoves it into her, hopefully we all **** each other all night, if there are any couples that think that sounds like a good time, lets do it, Im ready and willing.
SwtAliciaMarie SwtAliciaMarie
2 Responses Sep 10, 2012

OMG, if only my wife would agree to it! She won't let me do anal anymore so ******* you in your *** while you are giving her oral sex would be awesome!

So, when can you come over ?????