Looking Forward To **** Again... Its Been Far To Long.

Id like to find an older guy to kneel in front of and get him hard with my mouth and hands until he's ready to take me and give me his seed in/on me... I havent been with a guy for a few years and I am desperate to find someone to **** me. Im in a relationship with my girl (older than me) and she used to be keen on me doing this but not anymore. Ive always been bi, but dont get to indulge myself that often and Im reallylooking forward to taking a man again.

Id love to kneel down in front of him, un-button his trousers and feel his **** through his underwear before slowly taking it out to suck and a play with it. Id like to feel his balls and lick them and flick my tongue over his helmet.
Pookey1 Pookey1
26-30, M
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I am older

Good luck on your search.

Im 65 would that be old enough

Im 65 would that be old enough

that sounds so good to me count me in to

The more the merrier!

well lets make it a party