Wife Licking My ***

I watched as my wifes gorgeous face moved to my ***. I felt her tongue on me. At first a soft lick up my *** crack. Then using her hands to spread my cheeks apart her tongue licked deep up through my crack. She was not shy about it either. Then again she licked deeper until I could feel her tongue lick over my *******. She pulled my *** cheeks apart further, then after looking up at me and smiling, her face went down again and buried in my ***. Her tongue licked and scoured up and down my *** crack until finally stopping and concentrating on my *******. Over and over she licked me, licked my *******. Neither one of us had taken the time to shower when we checked into the room. Now here she was pulling harder and harder on my *** to open me up further. She kept pulling, spreading me to make my *** completely exposed to her. Her tongue kept licking. Occasionally the tip of her tongue poked at my tight anal hole attempting to get in. As she saw my ******* began to widen, she pulled even more as she probed her tongue applying pressure on my anus and I could feel her push in me. I couldn't believe this beauty was doing this. She was shoving her tongue inside my ***. I've had a few women lick my *** before and tease my *******, but nothing like this. This was totally unexpected. I just wasn't prepared for her to be so down right dirty and nasty, although many times I daydreamed of her being just this way. What a surprise. "Stand up, baby" she said with noticeable intensity. "I want to lick you some more." I stood up and she guided me standing right over her as she stayed kneeling on the floor. She backed me right up to her face and she started again. Her tongue slipped right between my crack and worked its way inside my *** as she began tongue ******* me. She held my *** cheeks apart and I helped by squatting and spreading my *** right in her face. Now she had a real easy access to my *******. I could hardly believe this was happening. She had my ******* opened up and she was moving her tongue in circles licking the rim of my hole. I could feel her tongue slowly moving its way around my spread open anus. She was cleaning me, licking me and enjoying it. She would stop momentarily to take her tongue back in her mouth and softly moan, "Mmmmmmmmmm," to show she was enjoying the taste of my ***. She was driving me crazy. "Do you like me licking your *******, baby?," she asked. That only made me more nuts. She went back to my ******* this time putting her lips into my *** crack right over my ******* and began sucking. She was holding my thighs and pulling me hard against her face. It wasn't a soft sucking she was doing. She was sucking hard on my butthole and loving it. I could feel her lips buried in my crack and her tongue scouring right on my *******. Her tongue penetrated my hole at the same time she was licking. I felt her probing inside me as she sucked. And she really loved doing this. I felt her tongue push in and it went in deeper than she been able to before. She was constantly moaning and grunting her satisfaction of what she was doing. It was almost like a gagging sound. All I know it was such an intense sound during her sucking that it was driving me wild. Her noises were as though she was going to suck on my *** until we both collapsed from exhaustion. "Mmmmmmm... Gahhhhhhhhhhhh... ArghhhhhhhMmmmmmmhhhh..." "Her face was pressed hard against my *** and she was shoving her tongue deep in ***. "Ghhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmhhhhhh."she began swirling her tongue around inside me. It was an unbelievable sensation seeing her beautiful face buried in my *** and feeling her tongue literally cleaning not only my anal rim, but actually doing more than that. A couple times I looked between my legs to see her face pushed hard against me. Her lips were furiously working up my ***. And even though I couldn't see what she was doing, I knew her tongue was busy pleasuring me. She was licking and cleaning inside my *** and tasting me. Then I could hear her whispering to me, "do like me sucking your dirty *******, baby? Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Do like me sticking my tongue inside your ***? I'm gonna lick you clean, baby. She was a woman consumed in sex and out of control. She kept going and going probing my *** with her tongue, licking my stretched open *******. A couple times she backed away and I could feel a finger push in my ***. She wiggled it around inside me probing inside my rectum. Then when I would look back at her, she would smile, pull it out and place it in her mouth. "Mmmmmmmm, you taste so good, honey!" Then her face would disappear and I felt her tongue back in my *** again. She was giving me more than rim job. Her tongue repeatedly penetrated my ******* and probed deep inside me. She would pull out and return her tongue to her mouth and swallow, only to repeat it over and over again. When she finally finished she moved up to me totally exhausted and began kissing me. Check out our profile for more about us.
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you are 1 lucky man.