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Love To Lick And Tongue The Hairy ***** Of A Granny

When I was in junior high school, I began watching my grandmother taking a bath quite frequently through a crack in the bathroom door.  Once I knew she was in the tub, I would take my clothes off and stand by the door and watch her wash her huge ****.  Sometimes she would stand up and I would be able to watch her washing her very very hairy *****.  My young **** would throb and bounce as I watched her delicately washing her ***** and ***.  She would be halfway bent over which was an added bonus as her huge **** would dangle and bounce as she washed herself.  I would jack off watching her and *** several times while doing so.  My balls would ache from emptying them of my young ***** several times during one of these "watching" sessions.
From that point onward I was hooked----hooked on hairy granny *****!!  I haven't had the chance to lick a hairy granny ***** but want to very badly.  I'm not getting any younger so I've got to find one soon I think.  This is such a huge turn on for me.  There's something about a hairy granny ***** that is so erotic and sexy!  
hardpeter hardpeter 51-55, M 6 Responses May 30, 2010

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My grandmother broke her hip and when I went into the hospital she showed the wound on her hip. She had a large wedge cushion between to keep her legs apart while the hip repaired. She pulled back the sheets and lifted her gown to show the hip , but all I saw was here very hairy ***** spread open. The sight of her thick ***** lips and her large inner lips open I had to excuse my self and find the public toilets for a ****.

This is a great story. Could she have purposefully left the door a little open or was the crack in the door something she couldn't help?<br />
I wonder if she knew.

No the door was closed, but there was a crack between the door and the frame that I could see through. I kind of think she did know. Because a few years later I asked her to show me her **** and she did. I didn't do anything about it. I should have taken her when she showed me her huge *******.

I really love my granny and extremely want to have a sex with her. But i dont know how to do it.<br />
I always sniff her dirty panty when i went to her home. Even i kissed her mouth n body n sniffed her ***** while she sleep.

Dang hardpeter! You were so lucky to have seen that! I'm jealous! Thanks for sharing your experience

I am with you on that redblackvoyeur30!! I used to jerk off thinking about sucking my grandmothers huge **** and eating her hairy *****. Had many explosive **** to say the least!!

I never got to watch my grandmother in the tub, but I used to see her in her bra and she had huge ****. I loved to jerk off and think about her.. I would have love to suck them for her.. Hopefully I will find an older woman that will let me pleasure her.