I've Done More Than Lick A 65-year Old Woman...

Yeah, it was GREAT! We did everything... and she gave great BJs. It's been a few years, but I still remember her thick, sexy pencil eraser nipples (not #2, more like the ones you had in first grade).

If she didn't live so far away, I'd probably still be giving it to her and getting it all back. For an older lady, she had a great figure and was so sweet and attentive and just warm and loving in all kinds of ways.

Mmmm... Sweet memories!
bamaswitch bamaswitch
46-50, M
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Lucky you

Once in a lifetime, to find a lady of that age, with a body like that. :D

I'm still waiting for my once

I probably beat the odds, so I won't object to having my "one more time" to happen, at least a few times. Stranger things have happened. ;)

I hope I get a few

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I old were you at the time you enjoyed this wonderful granny woman?

wow...I am only 48 but I fit that desc<x>ription..hope some guys think of me that way-not just like an old *****

Wow! What a fantastic way to learn the landscape and learn some life lessons as well.