I would love to live by the ocean that's one of my dreams😊
phillips0430 phillips0430
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Billy or Frank?


Billy ocean or frank ocean (they're singers) which one do you want to live by?

U got to be kidding

I don't have to be kidding, but yeah I was, you cheeky bugger.

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with me?


wanna liv with me

I don't even know u

I am jake. Im from the north

That still doesn't help

Msg me? ♧

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believe me girl you wouldn't . I know it seems wonderful to live by the sea it isn't . I live by the sea and its always crowded with foreigners and day trippers but the worst thing about it is the dam seagulls pinching food out of kids hands and ******** every where and are a general bloody nuisance and people allowing their dogs to **** on the beach and **** up everything and drunk kids making whoopee it really isn't nice .

Well I would still want to visit the beach then