...how Bad Do You Want to Lose the Extra Pounds?

...the real question is are you willing to do what it takes-to take it off? Simple way is to cut all the sugar and simple carbs from your diet...not easy...I know...but, exercise alone will not do it. Been there, done that... your eating habits got you the fat, now stop eating fuel like you plan on walking to moon...drink lots of water, do sprints (50 yard dash), four sets, w/three minute rest between each-do this every other day for a month, and this will burn the fat like nothing else, plus cutting back on the simple carbs and you will lose the fat real fast. Eat healthy, do this routine, and think about the new wardrode you will have to buy for the new you....dwc
Hikrow Hikrow
66-70, M
Jun 26, 2007