It would be so much fun for both of us to wear stockinmgs and rub our legs togeher. That would be so much fun and so exciting.

Oh, such a wonderful feeling and to touch the nylon stockings.  So sensual.
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It is so very erotically exhilarating! Making love while both are wearing sheer nylon stockings is unbelievably thrilling! My wife and I do it that way often. She finds it pleasant also but not as erotic and exciting as I. She does admit my legs look hot in a skirt heels and hose. So much so that sometimes she will have a skirt and heels laid out for me to change into when I get home. I wear sheer stockings under my male clothes at work so I am always ready to slip on the heels. A few of her lady friends know I wear them and on occasion she will have a luncheon for them and I will serve, while wearing a turtle or cowl neck sweater, pleated skirt, sheer dark stockings and stilettos. It is always a treat to parade in front of the gals in heels and stockings! One of the gals found it easy to get her hubby into stockings and heels too. That has turned out great because we will have dinner at either our house or theirs with us guys all decked out with hair, makeup Skirt, Heels and hose. The gals get a kick out of it and, of course, us guys are in heaven!

Another thing we have done is to go to rock concerts with us guys dressed normally, and the gals wearing 7inch platform stilettos, ultra-sheer dark full-fashioned nylon stockings with miniskirts short enough to let their stocking tops and garter clasps show. Unlike most guys I get a rush out of seeing guys jealously ogling my wife. The gals know when we get them home they are in for a long night of satisfaction!

You must have great balance!

There is nothing that is more erotic than a man and a woman slow dancing togehter with both of them wearing satin pantes, garterbelts, very sheer nylon stocking and stiletto heels!
One tip: Buy the "flat-knit" (non-stretch) RHT or true "Full-Fashion" nylon stockings and turn one inside out. They then have the weave opposite and will slide against eachother more smoothly. The feel is sensational!!

My wife has a garterbelt and sheer stockings laid out for me each morning. She has me always wear nylons under my pants at work, because she knows I will be somewhat aroused all day. She often has me slip into a miniskirt and stilettos when I get home. She likes that because in addition to her thinking I look hot in heels hose and skirt, she knows I will be aroused and semi-hard all through dinner and ready to meet her needs a bit later. She has an amazing sexual appetite! Afterwards we will watch tv for an hour then dance slow and sensually together, both still wearing garterbelt, sheer nylon stockings and heels. That causes me to be ready to go all over again.
I have to workout regularly just to keep fit enough to keep up with her. Wow, she tasks my endurance to the limit, but egad it sure is fun!

Wow, better enjoy those oysters.