I Got Lucky!

I met one and married her!

We met in a lingerie store, and somehow she percieved that I was picking out things for myself. She later told me she had been wishing for a long time she could find an attractive man that would love lingerie as much as she does!

Thank heavens we did meet. Was it fate or just incredible luck?

LuvToWear LuvToWear
7 Responses Dec 6, 2012

It was fate! You lucky so and so xxx

I adore stockings and wear them evey day.

Have you tried the GIO vintage flat-knit 7d stockings from stockingshq.com? OMG! they are so soft and sensual on! The feel of stockings took a hit when makers made them in stretch-one-size fits-many and run resistant. the vintage GIOs are quite delicate but worth it because the feel of them on is so exquisitely sensual!!

Was it fate or luck? I could ask the same question, but I feel it was a combination of the two for both of us dear with our wives. And my wife feels the same way ... she has said many times she is the lucky one, having me to share the feminine with.

You knew each other before you came into life and planned your life experience to be together.

awsome I am lucky enough to have a wife that wears it but has no idea I do

it could have been both incredible luck as well as fate. I've bought panties and other lingerie so many times i can't count them all. I've had a few sales girls figure out i was buying lingerie for myself and seemed to get a kick out of me doing that and really went out of their way to help me. But, never did any of those situations turn into a relationship. ha. I wished it would have!!

What an amazing opportunity to meet someone who loves lingerie and stockings as much as you. Congratulations