I Have and Would Like To Give It Another Try

I dont know if this experience falls into this catagory but I have met an EP friend in real life and it didnt really go how i expected it. like many do, infatuation and lust fueled my urges to meet someone i met here on EP and got the courage to carry that out. awesome things transpired & now, things are different between me and that friend. much like in real life, awkwardness followed. that was some times back and am thankful that she has the awesome communication skills that she does and glad we were able to talk out alot of things. i am glad that im still friends with that friend and if she reads this, Hi! :) so in a nutshell, i guess i just wanted to share to all those in the various situations youre in, dont be scared to share it. you'll never know if theres others in the same boat as you and realize youre not alone whenever you think you are.
juggalomonkey juggalomonkey
31-35, M
Jan 8, 2013