I Would Love to

But I'm not saying who.......

chris914 chris914
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LMAO<br />
<br />
Oh that was funny...

we're a little slow here but ya don't have to rub it in

It's funny how this story came back to life. I wrote it back in December 08.

Old Boobies<br />
<br />
(.) (.)

I do believe you are taken darlin'... *giggles* <br />
<br />
okay I'll start off the trouble<br />
<br />
( @ ) ( @ )<br />
<br />
Boobies! (i so love that word)

Yes there is pix. Yes there is. Quality people.

There are several people who I would love to meet. There are some good people here!!!

Hey this is my thread.... if anybody is getting licked... it better be me... ;p

Ah go ahead Myo... no biggy... *grimaces* Why did I say that... ;p

Funny, I never found you lumpy. You're more, shall we say... never mind. I'll keep this thread clean.

It's an illness JJ... I just can't help it... licking ppl... I"m so sorry... I need help<br />
<br />
*licks JJ and runs like hell*

Ah ha.... I don't know you two had a...... thing. ;p

Oh yeah.... like who?

*giggles* <br />
I'm just giddy that I get to finally meet up with grams and puck this week! Real live EP ppl to lick! HA!

Silk.... ;p<br />
<br />
I'm rather lumpy... Ha!

Smooth as... (you tell 'em, chris!)

Myo is the smooth one... ;p

Have you thought about going into politics chris14??? that was smooth...

Ah Myo... it has been revealed. I couldn't keep us quiet any longer... ;p

mewold... the hat is gone man... bebe took it... ;p

chris, I've remained silent because I don't want everyone to catch on to us. It's sweet of you to post this, though.

I would like to meet you just to get my juckin hat back.

Now u'r gettin' it...<br />
<br />
BTW IVFP had to step away but will return after a brief station break

If you take my shade... I'll be nekkid.... ;p

Type your comment here...

Forget the shade I want that LEG baby! hubba hubba

I'm not scared... ;p

What else? ;p

What happened to him?<br />
<br />
Salar... they think they're goinng to get me to talk... hehe

these ladies got an eye on your shade here buddy ...

Chris when your in a hole ..........<br />
<br />
<br />
;O)<br />
<br />
Oh i am in new york week monday , and atlanta and few others near by in July if they are your neighbourhood lets knock back a few ....

Uh oh... :-S<br />
<br />
No.. what happened....

Nope... won't happen.... ;p

<br />
See you are SOOOOO out numbered here! We live VERY VERY close to one another and have ways of PULLING it out of you! <br />
<br />
Did ya hear about the last one we got? Exactly!

Oh yeah? How? ;p

I will never tell....

No... you're being funny....

now you're LAUGHING at my pain... ggeezz


yeah try and back track now... really, no hurt feelings or anything...

Well... I miss-spoke. I meant to say that I'm not telling who all is on the list... ;-)

Only ONE *sniffle* really out of all these wonderful ppl here you only want to meet ONE!<br />
<br />
Well okay I'll cancel the plane ticket... *pouting*

Oh I'm not mean... ;p

FINE!!!!!!!!!!!! MEANIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would love to meet allyrs

LOL....I should have been a little more subtle....;-)

Well, you know. It WAS pretty obvious =P

Dang it!....How did you know?.....lol

It's totally me, isn't it?