I Met A Pee Lover Some Time Ago.

I had lived with my girlfriend for a few months and we decided to drive to East Sussex for the day, a journey which should take between 2-3 hours depending on how the traffic was behaving. We spent the day doing all the things that tourists do, had a quick beer and set off back home again, the next set of events nobody could have predicted. the first delay happened before we had left the town, an accident had occurred some way down the road, this was a 50 minute start-stop an we had only travelled just over a mile, as we got on to the motorway, something else had happened and we got held up again, I never found out what had caused this because we were crawling along for ages and then the road suddenly became clear. About four hours into the journey which should have taken three at the most my girlfriend asked if we could find somewhere to stop so she could pee. We were about thirty minutes from home at this time and I knew where a pub was located not far from where we were. I headed for the pub, I had to change course slightly but not a major problem, about two or three minutes into this change we hit another jam, this time the police had closed off part of an area and diverted the traffic, we really were stuck, she started to get really desperate so we discussed the options, we could try to find a place to park the car and find an alley, we could stop the car and she could just stand outside the car and pee or just try to hang on, at this point she said, "I don't think I can hang on I'm going to do it", I said "ok don't worry do it", she went quiet and peed on the seat, after a while she asked wether I was angry that she'd wet herself in the car, I said that far from being angry I thought it was quite a turn on and did she think I was weird for saying that, "no but it would make me feel better if you wet yourself as well". I promised I would and did later that evening. We discussed this on many different occasions, the whole event became a major part of our relationship, I havn't met anyone like it since but we had a good time.
unite unite
Jul 25, 2010