Our Story...

My husband and I met online in October 2009 the strangest way. My friend, Andrea, was on a chat site (as she normally is) when I dropped by her place to pick her up for our movie night. She was sitting at her computer with multiple conversation windows pulled up from a chat group. But one guy was left off to the side with a blinking chat window. I asked her what it meant and she said it was a shared link. So she clicks the link and it's his myspace page. Wow... what a cutie. All of a sudden she wanted to talk to him, because let's face it, he's a good looking guy. I thought nothing of it and forced her to leave the computer so we wouldn't be late to the movie- this was after she gave her phone number to Michael (my now husband) and 2 other guys. She text them all night and into the next day. 

A week later I went back to her place just to say hi and kill some time before meeting up with another guy for a date. Once again Andrea was on the chat site, and once again talking to Michael, the other 2 guys, and someone new. After flipping through countless magazines and waiting for her finally log out I decided to take matters into my own hands. Not to get a guy, but to get her attention! I logged onto my iPhone and added Michael on myspace. 10 minutes later he logged out of the chat room and went to Yahoo chat to talk to me. Good. I made my point, right? Ohhh I sure did. Andrea was beyond angry! How dare I steal away some guy she doesn't even know and talk to him. I laughed hysterically then went on my date.

The next day Michael sends me a message. I glanced at it, then left it. The next day he logs onto Yahoo chat and sends me an IM. I didn't realize I was still logged in so I had to respond.. I said Hi. Can't talk. At work. Which was an absolute lie. A couple more days go by and I hear from him again, and at the worst possible moment too! Andrea was using my phone to text message another friend about being late to the cafe. Yikes! She slams my phone on the table and runs out the door crying. I go after to her to see why she was so upset.. apparently she had "feelings" for him- and countless others. Okay, okay.. she kept her options open, whatever floats your boat. So I reply to Michael and say Andrea has a crush. He logs out. 

I still remember the day, Tuesday! It was a Tuesday when Michael and I started IMing each other. A couple days later it turned into texting. For the next 3 weeks every morning he would say Good Morning and every night say Goodnight. Nothing more, nothing less. At the end of November he finally had the courage to call me. Courage? Yes, liquid courage! It was the middle of the afternoon on the Thanksgiving weekend as I was driving to San Francisco from Los Angeles. He opens up about the most random things and we have the funniest conversation of all time. 

The second week of December was nothing but DRAMA with me, Andrea, and Michael. I never called Michael, he called me. Yes, I would randomly text him, but he always initiated the calls because of our 3 hour time difference. At the time he was North Carolina, while I was in California. Anyways, that was the week Andrea decided to get me back for distracting Michael 2 months prior. She tells me she's in love with him and talks to him everyday. Okay, fine. She's in love. Whatever. So I call Michael and tell him he and I shouldn't talk to each other anymore because I don't want to come in the way of whatever feelings have started to blossom. So we don't talk for a whole day! Ha. A day.. he calls me and says no that's not what he wants. He says he still wants to talk to me and he never talks to Andrea, only via text when she sends something. I shrug it off and tell him to call her. After all, she was one of my closest friends so I wanted her to be happy with a nice, good looking guy. So he calls her and they talk for a few hours. 

The next evening he calls me after work and we talk up to the moment I pull into Andrea's driveway. I hang up the phone, honk the horn, she runs out and has the biggest smile on her face. She jumps in the car and says she just hand an amazing 2 hour conversation with Michael. I call her out on her bs and show her the time log on my phone. Then lo and behold she gets a call from Michael. They chit chat for 10 minutes, and for some reason become very irritated at her fake girly laughs, batted eyelashes, flirtatious remarks, and HER! Crap... I have feelings for the guy. So I text Michael right then and there and say "hi... I'm in the car with her.. thx" So he tells Andrea gotta go. I sadistically smiled. That same evening I talk to Michael again and try to find flaws with him. Our simple 1 hour drive home conversation turned into me sitting in my car, in my drive way for 7 hours talking to him. Crap.. I still have feelings for him. For the next 2 days I try to push Michael and Andrea together. And for those 2 nights Andrea did what Andrea does best and begs for attention and has our mutual friends feel sorry for her.. Michael talks to Andrea.. she wants him, he goes along with it, then calls me and says he has a problem. That single night changed my whole life... 

He said he liked Andrea, my heart sank... but he continues to say but that's where the confusion lies because he's in love with someone else. Me, being the dumb blonde that I am thinks it's his friend, Noemi! Why? Because they're always together.. So my heart sinks, again.. We talked all night, again. As I was driving to work the next day Michael says it's me. I'm the girl he wants.. Talk about being distracted while driving. So in the most awkward way I said "I'll be your boyfriend, if you're my girlfriend" lol yes, it was just like that. Then his SGT walks by and says why are you smiling Marine. He told him what I just said. As I took the exit off of the freeway it was official. Michael was mine. December 17, 2009. 

1 month later I flew to North Carolina for 4 glorious days.
4 weeks later he flies to Los Angeles, CA for 42 hours. 
5 weeks later I fly back to North Carolina for 5 days. 
5 weeks later he flies back to Los Angeles, CA for 38 hours to meet my mom. 
1 month after that he's given orders to come to Miramar, San Diego, CA.. 

Just before he left for San Diego he proposed to me on Skype. I said yes.

The next 1 1/2 months (May 31, 2010 to July 19, 2010) will always be the most memorable. I drove from Los Angeles to San Diego every weekend. The first weekend he says I want to marry you before I leave. Leave?! Afghanistan. So 9 days before he left we had a small ceremony.

This is now 1 week post deployment date... and 1 week closer to his homecoming. I miss him like crazy. And love him more with each passing moment.

What happened to Andrea? No idea.. last I heard she moved to Michigan to be with some guy in the Navy, but now she's on her way back to California because of some guy in the Army- who we happened to go to high school with. Don't ask... I wouldn't be able to tell you.

Our plans... We planned a wedding/ reception in less than a month, so I'm taking care of all of the arrangements for our April 2011 wedding. And I'll be moving to San Diego just before he comes home to set up a new home for us. I don't know any other Marine wives in the San Diego area, so if anyone out there lives in SD please add me or send a message. 
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Jul 25, 2010