Marine Wife....dealing with deployment

My name is Miranda. I got married August 13th 2007 to an amazing Marine. He is my highschool sweetheart.....was there for him through bootcamp and previous deployments  , the whole nine yards. He is currently deployed for the third time in Ramadi, Iraq  but this is the first deployment that we have been married and I was just looking for support from other Marine wives/girlfriends. We were stationed in camp pendleton california but after he left ( feb. 10th 08' ) I moved back to my home town in Florida to be with my family and to finish up my college degree while he is gone. I'm missing him more than ever! =( 1 month down....six more to go! oh and by the new to this website so im not sure how everything!

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Hey, I live in Miami & my husband left for our first deployment about a month ago, he's stationed in Afgha for the next 7 months. & yea I defiantly agree with posterboyswife, count the months not the days. I'm still in somewhat of a shock stage. I think in my head I keep telling myself that he's just in his ba<x>se in north carolina, because it's easier. I say take this time and better yourself. & whenever you feel down just keep in mind of the little light at the end of the tunnel, which is being with your hubby again =)

Hey Miranda, my name is Lauren, I'm 18 and believe it or not, this is my first deployment with my soon to be husband. We met this summer at the beach, and we only had a month and a half to get to know each other, unfortunately, we don't have the high school memories. As much as I miss him, and the lack of communication that we are facing right now, I know that we do everything that we can to make ourselves stronger individually. This is your time to accomplish goals, start something new, to better yourself while you have this time by yourself. Brock is stationed in Okinawa Japan, and I can't tell you how many nights that I sat around and cried, dreading for these days. If there was one thing that I would have done differently, I would have spent more time laughing, smiling, and getting to know him, and less time worrying that we would be apart within the next few days...I am also in college (first semester) and I'm actually sitting in the cafeteria writing to you ;) I know what it's like to just need to talk to someone, someone who is on the same page as you...and so far - I think you and I have a lot in common! Keep you head high, and your heart faithful! It's probably a good thing that you're home and friends are the closest people that help me through each day...remember - months NOT days =) Good luck girl, God bless!!!!

Hi, my name is Kristi. My husband and I live in Havelock, NC . And since he is away alot, im just looking to meet some other wives around this area since we have not been here very long and I dont know the area very well. :) please write back if you live around this area and are in need of a friend! :)

Hey, I'm in california. It's awesome. =)

hey im new to this also im in the exact position as you guys.. well about to be me and my fiance are also high school sweet hearts and getting married and three weeks im still a senior in highschool and going to be moving n with him after i finish school i am really nervous scared and excited but california is a whole different place im an oklahoma girl. if u guys have any tips or advice and tell me what its like that would be awsome!!

Hey Miranda, I think our husbands are deployed together. He was also stationed at Camp Pendelton, CA. And left for Iraq on Feb.10th from San Diego. And is at Ramadi. This is about the half way point for us though!! Let me know...

My husband and I were married a week before he went back to Iraq ...this is our first/second deployment together(first one was for 4mths), yet this is his third/fourth(We were able to meet to get married during his deployment). It was really hard letting him go after we got married ...even before we were married, when we were apart, I felt life less waiting for my soul to return. The thing that keeps me going everyday is knowing how much he loves me and is willing to do anything for me and his country. He is truly a great friend and husband I want you to know that your man loves you. Never count the days, always count the Its a trick I picked up, bc when you count days it seems even longer ...but you count the months until u will be in his arms and you will see how much closer you r to seeing him:)