Marine Wife Camp Pendelton

Husband just left for deployment about a week ago on the 11th MEU and I'm going absolutely insane:( I just moved here from Oregon and plan on staying here until and after my Marine gets home so I know noone, Id like to get with other deployed marines wives and maybe start doing to marine wives programs but I am completely confused on where to look for them and this is my husbands and my first deployment and he had no idea where to find them at either. So please if there are any other marine wives out there that didn't go back home to Kentucky, or where ever help me Please before I go nuts!! Thank you!!
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2 Responses Nov 20, 2011

Hi my name is marrissa. I just moved here from Texas with my 4yr old daughter to be here with my Marine. and thing suck i know nobody up here and I feel if i dont start making friend or meeting new people im going to go nuts myself ....

Hey there, I am not a marine wife but I have been with a marine for 4 years. He will be deploying in August. If you need anything or someone let me know. Its rough and feels like me spend more time with the dog then are mate.